VDA 2 is a complete rewrite of the original VDA project, in development since June 7, 2011. It is designed to be faster, stronger, more flexible, and easier to use. VDA 2 will have all of your favorite features from VDA 1, plus some new additions:

  • Dynamic recent changes: This is what happens when Special:RecentChanges eats its spinach. Replace the recent changes with an powerful web application with lots of awesome features, including live updates, in-page diff viewing and reverting, a new and improved edit filtering system, and color-coded edits.
  • Twinkle emulator: Mimic everyone's favorite Wikipedia script.
  • Language detection: Visit a French Wikia, and VDA will magically become French. Translation is also less of a nightmare, since VDA 2 was made with i18n in mind.
  • Skin compatibility: "Oh, we got both kinds...MonoBook and Oasis."
  • All-in-one menu: All your VDA tools are now in the VDA menu, instead of scattered all over the page like in VDA 1.
  • New plugin system: VDA 1's library system is now replaced with plugins. Developers can now make their own with ease, and if we like your plugin, we'll add it to the official directory!
  • Easy to install: Just snap on three or four lines of JavaScript, and you're good to go. No more futzing around with VDA.load().

Great! can I help? Edit

Good question! For now, you can sit back and throw mud at FB100Z for not working fast enough. Alternatively, you can do this:

  • Offer suggestions for new plugins
  • Write your own plugins, since the core is basically finished

Planned DRC features Edit

DRC is the current primary focus of VDA. In short, it's the recent changes on steroids:

  • Live updates: DRC will use AJAX and the MediaWiki APIs to fetch live updates. The user will be able to set the intervals at which the requests are made for performance purposes.
  • Diff checking: The user can review and even revert edits in the RCs without ever leaving the page. The revert system will employ a variant of VDA Revert.
  • Edit filtering: DRC should have all the features of the built-in RCs, plus the ability to filter out a particular user's edits. It should also be possible for the user to hide each edit manually.