VDA RV demo

VDA Revert may be loaded with VDA.load("RV");. It is the first serious library implemented in VDA.

History pages Edit

VDA RV's user interface comes to life in history pages. You may click the "Rollback" link to perform the same function as the rollback user right,* or revert to any edit by hovering over a revision as shown at left.

When reverting edits, you may select why you reverted the edit:

  • Vandalism. Usually, no custom edit summary is needed for vandalism and spam edits, so selecting this option will immediately revert the edit.
  • Good faith. Sometimes, we want to revert an edit done in good faith for a particular reason. Maybe someone is adding information that is incorrect, but the editor is not aware of this. Whatever it is, it's very important that you explain why. This option allows you to enter a reason for the reversion, which will be included in the edit summary.
  • Other. This goes without explanation. This is for miscellaneous edits. Just as in the previous case, you will be asked for a brief summary.

*This feature is not displayed when viewing old history.

Diff pages Edit

A slightly more limited interface appears when comparing two revisions. Click "revert back to old edition" to bring the very same reversion dialog you get for history pages.