VDA AA demo

VDA AdminAlert allows you to report vandals to administrators and Spam Task Force members with a push of a button. After installing AdminAlert with VDA.load("AA");, a set of two links appear in the header as shown above: "Alert an admin," and "Alert a VSTF member." Click on whichever is appropriate to launch the VDA AA box.

Once you've gotten to the dialog, select the member who you want to alert, type in the title of your message, type your message, press Done, and AdminAlert does all the dirty work, including adding the signature.

In the beta version, there is also a VSTF spam report tool. It does not work currently.

AdminAlert is a relatively simple library, and it takes a snap to learn.

Setting the list of administrators Edit

In your JS code, after the VDA.load("AA");, write this: VDA.AA.setList(["Admin123", "Admin234", "Admin345"]);. Adjust it to your needs.