X = fix
* = rewrite
+ = added feature
- = removed feature

+ VDA RV in diffs

(No version change)
X Sources duplicated to more neutral MediaWiki namespace. Original locations will be removed after some time

+ VDA VW added :)
+ VDA JFF has a new gag that everyone will hate >:3
+ jquery.cookie.js
+ "VDA Revert has completed the reversion" message - may be buggy
X URL vars tweaked with underscore separators for various extensions and built-in functions
X New URL variable for AA: vda_aa=1
X Lengthy function replaced with built-in importStylesheetPage()

v1.1.1 (not released)
X Stop on permissions errors
X Phantom commas removed from custom VDA RV messages
X #new_edit_page_old_revision_notice hidden during reversion